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Ideas in the possession of the right person can be transformational—because ideas, at their core, are potent, persuasive, and powerful. G.C.’s expertise is helping you energize and harness your ideas. Through speaking engagements, corporate workshops, and executive coaching, G.C. will help you turn your potential into purpose, your plans into projects, and your proposals into profits.


G.C. Murray II, Esq.

G.C. has spoken at numerous conventions, seminars, and workshops. Check out this reel of some of his favorites.


G.C. Murray II, Esq. has received numerous accolades for his legal work and community service. Check out the Murray Media blog to learn more about his commendations and how he uses them to highlight different causes and people.


Speaking Engagements


G.C. has a compelling story of triumph and disaster and he delivers his speeches with passion and power. 

Corporate Seminars & Workshops 


G.C. is an expert in a multitude of fields and can take complicated issues and explain them succinctly.

Executive Coaching & Consulting


G.C. provides confidential executive consulting to help leaders continue to transform their surroundings.

About G.C.

G.C. Murray is an award-winning lawyer and community builder who is nationally recognized for his legal acumen and his philanthropy. He has presented throughout the Western Hemisphere on all topics relating to leadership, nonprofit and association management, diversity, and more.

Master Key Curriculum

Opportunity knocks at everyone's door but without the right keys, you may not be able to unlock your true potential. G.C. understands how to get the best out of you and help you reach your righteous destiny. 

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